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3 Great Reasons Not To Skip A Dental Cleaning

August 15, 2023

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Bottom half of a face with the mouth open while a blue gloved hand holds a dental brush to their teeth

Regular dental visits probably aren’t anyone’s favorite activity, but preventative care is particularly important for our oral health. It’s easy to skip an appointment here or there when we feel great and don’t see any problems with our teeth or gums. We might even only visit the dentist when we have a problem to fix, like addressing a toothache or perfecting our smile. Your dentist is certainly equipped to help you should anything like this crop up, after all. Remember, though, that they also have the tools necessary to help prevent those issues from occurring in the first place! If you’re thinking about skipping your next visit, continue reading for 3 reasons why that’s not such a good idea!


5 Oral Hygiene Practices You Should Never Skip

May 31, 2023

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Woman smiling while brushing her teeth in bathroom

With about 50% of adults struggling with gum disease and more than 90% of Americans having at least one cavity by their 21st birthday, it’s safe to say that a good dental care regimen is more important than ever. If you have begun to complete yours on autopilot, then read on to learn five oral hygiene practices you should never skip.